Tuesday, January 20, 2009

our planning :: 10 :: all the bellz and whistlez

So, most of the major things had been completed about 6 months out and it was time to get to work. The first half of the planning consisted of the "big" things, like the engagement, finding the venue, vendors, and dress, but it was time to move on to the second half: all the bellz and whistlez. It would probably take me close to one hundred posts to talk about the last 6 months before the big day and all the errands we had to run, but I'm going to simplify it and highlight some things I found insightful.

flower panels made by Abram and his best man, Noel; decorative bouquet holders made by Cyril

(left) custom chair sashes by Cyril; (right) custom card box: by Aunt Gaye and myself

Though the rest of our time would be spent on the most tedious of tasks, this was my favorite part of process...the heart of the planning. I say "bellz and whistlez" because truly, all the little details do matter; I'm not only talking about favors, programs, and name tags, but the other side to event planning that I really love: organizing the logistics, rehearsing the timing, coordinating with vendors, communicating with guests, preparing itineraries, etc. It did feel like our list of things-to-do quadrupled in size, from figuring out the guest list, to selecting our bridal party's attire, to booking hotel accommodations, and in the middle of it, coordinating with traveling guests, we were multi-tasking like crazy. We were also handling a majority of the hand-made details, paying attention to the most minute imperfections. Where did we find all the time? (Soon-to-be brides, it does get done, believe it or not. Just keep moving forward, pushing to complete tasks, one at a time.)

What we did do that made all the difference was over-communicate. Abram and I met with each of our vendors on several occasions, and we also kept in close contact with our bridal party. Too, we used the internet as a source to keep our guests, family, and bridal party tuned into the wedding plans. Yes, our handy wedding web site was a very useful tool. NOTE: Sign up for a free wedding web site. It's an awesome and FREE way to keep your guests informed. Since you're not limited to including info in the web site, like in a formal wedding invitation, include anything you feel will benefit your guests -- the more info, the better. {eWedding.com, mywedding.com, theknot.com}

Another really important factor that made this part easier was the fact that we reached out to our bridal party and family. I enjoyed working with Abram's aunt sewing the overlays and working with my best friend, Cyril, making chair sashes, and watching Abe and his best man, Noel, drill flower panels. My dad made custom wire votive holders; my sisters even ventured out in Arizona to find details for us; and Abram's sister helped plan the bachelorette party and wedding shower. I could go on with the list of who helped; it was this part that we hold close to our hearts. Yes, we could've done it on our own, but we chose otherwise, only because weddings come around once in a while, and we really wanted it to be a memorable experience for everyone, esp for those who were in it.

(left) custom flower pails by myself; (right) hanging candle votives made by my dad

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