Tuesday, January 27, 2009

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For bellz&whistlez, we do care about the budget, how beautiful the flower centerpieces are, and how scrumptious the dinner is, but in the end, what we try to achieve is that the overall planning makes sense. From a big budget to a small budget, to the choice in vendors, # of guests, to colors and motifs, and even the bridal attire -- all should be relative to the big picture -- to the vision. Your bridal party is a huge part of the wedding and they should definitely stand out amongst the guests. And their dresses and suits … it'd be nice to tie them into the look and feel of the event.

Short dresses, long gowns, tuxedos, suits, shoes … so many things to consider. Need help? A popular way of sharing the responsibility is having the bride handle the bridesmaid and flower girl dresses and the groom handle the groomsmen and ring bearer suits. Remember to share your thoughts on dresses and suits with one another and ask yourselves if your choices reflect your vision. Other Qs: Do you and the fiancĂ© want to select the style of dress and suit they will wear? Do the MaOHs wear the same dress as the MOHs or BMs? When should they do a fitting? NOTE: Take into consideration the cost of the dresses and suits and be sensitive to your attendants' financial qualms. Some attendants may not be aware of the expenses involved in a wedding -- and it can get expensive! Communicating early about some of the costs may better prepare them, esp to the attendants who have another immediate family member participating in the wedding, like a child.

For our planning, Abram decided on the suits, and I selected the dresses. We were pretty aware of the monies that would be spent by our bridal party. We knew about other expenses: gifts, bachelor/ette parties/activities, travel, hotel accommodations, dresses, suits, hair, makeup, shoes, etc. I did see dresses at Mon Amie for the bridesmaids, but they fell out of the range I was targeting. In our case, the attendants were paying for their own attire, so to stay cost effective and also solve the issue w/sizing, I decided that the bridesmaid dresses would be sewn by a known seamstress. I just had to supply an illustration of the dress and materials. To ease the selection process, I sent 3–4 options/examples, which reflected our style, to the ladies to choose from and then had them vote on the style of dress. Majority won. NOTE: You can make the decision by yourself, or simply have the MaOH or MOH help you decide. If you want feedback from all the BMs, select several options and present them. Not having any options can complicate the process.

In the very beginning of our planning, Abram mentioned that he wanted to go classic black and white. It made it easy and definitely complimented the ladies. I was all for it. Because some of guys lived in LA and San Diego, each went on his own time, with the specific style # and color, to get fitted. Same went for the ladies and flower girls.

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