Friday, January 30, 2009

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You've booked the major vendors, bought the dress, selected the attendants' attire, and have covered lots of details, but what about the wedding bands?! Ring shopping can be fun for the ladies, but challenging for the men! ;) The fiancé, upon buying the engagement ring, may opt to buy the wedding band at the same time, like in a ring set, which makes shopping convenient. Too, he can most likely negotiate a better deal. But no rush, as many folks still choose to buy the band later. Remember to order your fiancé(e)'s band in time. If you are special ordering or simply resizing a ring, a jeweler can take any where from 2 weeks to several months. If you haven't taken care of the bands early in the engagement, it should be done at least 4–6 months prior to the big day.

Do the bands have to match? It really depends on the two of you. I've seen them match and not match. I had never looked for mens wedding bands, so my first assumption was that they should be of the same material. So I searched and searched, but in the process, learned otherwise. I also took into consideration the fact that Abram was so drawn to a band that was light in weight and not shiny. I wanted him to be happy with the only piece of jewelry he was about to wear -- forever! We researched the types of materials and learned about very hard materials that, in the event of an emergency, had to be cut off with machinery! Wow. If you're wondering what material that is, it's Tungsten. For more info on the durability of materials, check out Ezine Articles. I've attached some photos of men's bands and materials.

Last note, and truly an important one, remember to insure the rings! I can't emphasize this enough! It's unfortunate, but I have heard of situations where rings were misplaced and diamonds fell out of ring settings (*knock on wood). You can purchase jewelry insurance through most insurance companies.

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