Friday, January 2, 2009

our planning :: 4 :: picking a venue

NOTE: Plan on having a religious ceremony? It's a good suggestion that you approach your house of worship first to discuss your preferred dates and their open dates, and then search for a venue. Abram and I did it reverse -- to us, there was good reason. To our church, the question arose.

Abram and I, after much discussion on the type of wedding we wanted, started to research venues (all out of curiousity). We liked the idea of having our reception at a different kind of location; our first idea was to rent out an estate and have a backyard wedding. Early in our engagement, we found 7-Degrees through a simple search and saw that they were having a wedding event in two days. We went, seriously, just to take a look at the place, and fell in love -- we knew it was the perfect place! (*This was the 1st and only venue we toured.)
Because it was called "7-Degrees," we thought it'd be ironic to find out if they had July 7th, 2007 (7.7.07) available. We inquired and they said 5 people had shown interest, but no one put a deposit. We took a look at their packages, figured it was just a little bit above our budget, but manageable and jumped on the availability. If we waited even a day or two, the date would've been gone -- though we would've been ok with it and gone with our Sept date, 7.7.07 seemed a lot cooler. Our vision of our wedding came together just by previewing the architecture, space, and ambiance.

So, instead of the Sept date we initially thought of, our wedding was to take place 2 months earlier. Kind of strange, but the date and name of place determined our overall theme -- "7.7.07 @ [seven-degrees]."

inside the main gallery (blank canvas)

view from the zen garden looking down at the rooftop (ceremony location)

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