Friday, January 2, 2009

our planning :: 5 :: the church

Ahh..the church. This is another important factor in planning, should you have a religious ceremony. Ok, so Abe and I booked our venue, yet we didn't check with the church first (but we didn't plan on booking a venue that fast neither) -- easy way to get set back. We're originally from San Diego, but moved to Corona, and were having our reception in Laguna Beach. Hmm. This was definitely considered a destination wedding, because most of our guests would be coming from San Diego, some of whom were to stay in our provided accommodations.

We knew we had booked our venue first, so to try and go to the church next, we had better be prepared. To prepare, we consulted with churches in Orange County, but every single Catholic church was reserved on 7.7.07, even our church in Corona -- we were battling with the most popular wedding date of the year! We were 11 months out and some couples booked the date 2 yrs in advance! It was grueling trying to find a church near our venue that still had the date avail. So, we made the decision to approach our deacon, who is the sweetest deacon alive -- Deacon Marlon at our favorite church, St. Mary Magdelene in Corona. After much deliberation, it was decided that we would have a non-denominational officiant conduct the ceremony at 7-Degrees and then have a convalidation (ceremony recognized by the church after having been legally/civilly married) ceremony at the church. This wasn't part of our plans as I'm more for the sacred church ceremony, but again, because we kept ourselves flexible to changes, the idea grew on us, and as long as our church was ok, we were ok.

We still went through the church process of taking wedding-prep classes and attended the Engaged Encounter in Redlands. I've heard mixed reviews about the EE, but we would highly recommend the Redlands EE -- lots of laughs and lots of tears. It was such and eye-opening experience and really gives you insight as to whether you're really ready! There were couples of all kinds of religions who attended the EE.

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