Friday, January 2, 2009

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Though some already know right off the top of their head who they will choose as attendants to their wedding, I think this was a pretty tough one for me and Abe -- it was such a personal and delicate decision. Abram and I spent a lot of time selecting those who would stand next to us to witness our matrimony. Each attendant not only had special meaning to us individually, but watched Abe and I grow together. It was challenging, but we we were able to narrow it down about 8-9 months before our big day. We chose to have 6 ladies/6 gents: (1) MaOH, (1) MOH, (3) BMs, (1) jr. BM / (2) best men, (3) GMs, and (1) jr. GM. NOTE: In my opinion, you can select/change your bridal party any time during your engagement. Ideally, the earlier the better in the event you plan to call on your attendants' help with the wedding, and the ordering of dresses and tuxedos runs a lot smoother.

Photo of my attendants with Abram (I don't know what this was all about. lol)

Creative Tip:
Send a care package with goodies along with a hand written note to each of your attendants to let them know they were chosen and why. Sweet!

Acronyms & definitions (Source: Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary):

  • (MaOH) matron of honor: a bride's principal married wedding attendant
  • (MOH) maid of honor: 1 : an unmarried lady usually of noble birth whose duty it is to attend a queen or a princess 2 : a bride's principal unmarried wedding attendant
  • (BM) bridesmaid: a woman who is an attendant of a bride
  • best man: the principal groomsman at a wedding
  • (GM)groomsman: a male friend who attends a bridegroom at his wedding

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