Thursday, January 1, 2009

our planning :: 2 :: engagement party

Though it's optional, the engagement party is thrown 1-2 months after the official engagement and is really an opportunity for close family and friends to celebrate the occasion. It's also a great time for both families to meet if they haven't done so already. NOTE: Tradition says either parent(s) can host the party, but in recent times, I've seen close relatives, friends and even the couple host their own party.

For our casual engagement party, held 3 months after our engagement, Abram's mom graciously hosted the event at our house. Abe and I wanted to keep it really simple and quaint, and weren't particular about having all the bellz & whistlez. We invited about 80 guest (all of whom were going to be invited to the wedding, of course!), rented some nice white chairs and tables, and decorated with really inexpensive décor. My sisters hosted the games and gave away some small prizes.

NOTE: Bringing a gift to an engagement party is optional. If you like to bring gifts, a small gift, like a bottle of wine, should suffice. Really, your company is most important at the announcement party.

Here is a picture of Patrick, one of our groomsmen, and all the yummy Filipino food! On a side note, Abram (the comedian hubby of mine) had the task of ordering one of the cakes and we got a mango mousse cake that said, "Congratulations, Jackson!" (he's our little dachshund)

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