Thursday, January 1, 2009

our planning :: 1 :: the engagement

I'll make this super short. To back track, we met in high school, had several classes together, carpooled, and were even going to be college roomies at UC Irvine, but ended up going our separate college ways. There was no chemistry back then. (lol) We lost touch and time passed, but in 2003, we magically reconnected in Orange County and to our surprise, began dating. Abram and I were together for about 3 years before he proposed. The proposal date was July 16, 2006. It was one of the most memorable days of my life. I never thought I was going to marry the guy who sat right behind me in class!

Here's Abram, Cyril and I in high school in the 90's. (haha..check out my boy cut hair...)

In regards to the ring, I really wanted a simple band -- to be precise, it was this Cartier Love wedding band in platinum.

But after all the window shopping, I slowly transitioned over to wanting a ring with a stone. And Abram picked the most gorgeous ring for me. ;) NOTE: Educate yourself on the 4 c's (Carat, Color, Clarity and Cut). The ring is an investment, monetarily and emotionally -- so make sure you (the person buying it) know what you're paying for. Example: A very good-cut diamond gives off more scintillation (sparkle), which also gives the illusion that the diamond is bigger than it really is. Plus, it'll always shine, even if it hasn't been cleaned for years.

We made the announcement to immediate family by phone, insured the ring, and then began planning an engagement announcement party.

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