Tuesday, February 3, 2009

happy birthday, abram!

Just wanted to say, "Happy 30th Birthday" to my wonderful husband, Abram! I posted some pictures from his bbq-themed get together at the house over the weekend.

I planned a southern bbq themed get together at the house for Abram and celebrated with 30 friends. We ordered bbq and some fixins from Lucille's BBQ, bought some fried chicken from Albertson's (*their chicken is realllly yummy), requested Steph's home baked mac & cheese and my mom's collared greens w/ham hocks, and cooked some corn on the cob. We also got to try one of my clients' Butcher Blocked Baked Beans with pork chunks and smoked bacon (which were amazing!) -- coming to a Costco near you! Oh, and we finished it off with Claim Jumper's Chocolate Motherload cake with ice cream! Yum!

I made this birthday sign and bought some red&white towels to decorate the tables and wrap the cornbread and biscuit baskets. NOTE: Use some Kale or other greens to decorate your food platters.

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