Tuesday, February 3, 2009

our planning :: 16 :: take a break!

If you're wondering what my time frame is looking like at this point, I'm about three months shy of the wedding. It's the final stretch of the planning. We've accomplished a majority of the planning, and it was time to give ourselves a pat on the back for having done this while managing the normal bouts of life. Many small tasks still needed to be completed, but it was the perfect time to take a break! The thought of these small, remaining tasks were overwhelming, but they were eventually completed. We were soon approaching our big day -- our masterpiece in the making.

Couples, it's ok to step away for a little while, to center your emotions and physical well being. I encourage clients to take a break, not just a Saturday to go to the movies or shopping, but what I call an "engagement honeymoon." During the engagement/planning, the bride and groom plan a small weekend get-away and relieve themselves of any wedding plans. It's a way to remember to enjoy the engagement! It could be a flight out of town or even 30 minutes away. The trip doesn't have to be a major dip in the wallet, it could just be a weekend trip to a local spa. You've been saving and laying low and are also preparing for the biggest day of your life! You're entitled to take a "planning" break, away from the things-to-do list, phone, and computer, to remember why you're getting married -- each other.

Photo of Abram and I driving up Pacific Coast Highway

Photo of the rock at Morro Bay, California

Abram knew I was deeply involved and focused on our wedding plans and wanted to snatch me from the daunting job I had started nearly 9 months earlier. He surprised me with a weekend trip to San Luis Obispo and arranged the accommodations, rental car, and itinerary for four days. We took a road trip up the Pacific Coast Highway, since he knows I love the ocean, and even rented a convertible so I could smell the clean fresh air. I had never been to SLO, but found it's a quaint city with many landmarks to visit, and it still has an obvious night life promoted by the college students who live in the vicinity. Ahh, what a relaxing time it was. We walked around SLO's downtown, ordered some Belgian fries and $1 beers, and on one night, indulged in a delectable Italian dinner. We also made a tourist venture to the Hearst Castle, which was stunning and on our trip down, made a stop at Oxnard's annual strawberry festival. His sister and her husband also met us at Morro Bay to enjoy some freshly cooked seafood. The trip, for me, was necessary and well spent.

Bel Frites, serving belgian fries and $1 Stella beers, located in Downtown SLO

Stunning architecture and view -- the Hearst Castle in San Simeon, California

Strawberry Festival in Oxnard, California

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