Friday, April 24, 2009

INTERIOR DEZIGN: Demel Chocolatiers

Our first Interior Dezign post highlights Demel Chocolatiers, in Salzburg, Austria. This would be considered a higher-end café which serves specialty desserts and chocolates -- a complete YUM! Demel was quite a find, since most of Europe has fascinatingly old architecture and design. Actually, in Salzburg, our accommodations were pretty modern, simple, much like Swedish design. Back to Demel, the interior grabbed me because it was the first posh café we visited, and the only. I loved the color scheme.

Left Top: Two pinspot lights make a heart to frame DEMEL; Right: Stair well wall made of ivory leather

My $6 cappuccino (took me four sips and I was done!)

In the front of the café, several ornately decorated cakes framed the entrance. We entered the café and pushed through a heavy, purple velour drape and stepped onto a dark wooden floor. Ahh..I didn't expect to see the interior designed the way it was -- minimal, posh, and purple & pink. Sitting here made me think about color schemes and all sorts of ideas. It was true interior dezign inspiration.

Left: simple mauve vase on top of fuschia felt; Right: ornate cake in front window

Marble shelves displaying chocolate packaging and a wedding cake!

Camel color leather chair; I was sitting on a brown, velour love seat.

Wedding cake wonder

I'm a sucker for packaging -- had to take a photo of these.

Austrian pastries

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