Sunday, April 12, 2009

project ring pillow

I decided I needed to permanently set up my sewing machine, partly after blogging about Etsy! Another reason: it was time to tackle the custom ring pillow for the wedding that we've been working so hard on all year! (BTW, it's next Saturday...and I can't wait to share this stunning event!) I was actually scheduled to sew all the custom overlays for the wedding, but because of my trip to Europe, I outsourced the labor, which saved me lots of time. Anyhow, I sat in front of my machine, which had been sitting in my office for a while, and it was no surprise that DIY projects began to pop up left and right -- I got so excited, imagining things I could make and sell on Etsy. Reality was, I had to focus on what I was going to accomplish: making a ring pillow. I started my sewing adventure by making a "practice" pillow to get me back in sewing mode.

A little note, I'm only going to show photos of my "practice pillow" and refrain from showing the real pillow since I'd like to share the details for our upcoming event after it takes place. Bummer!

I finished the first part, the pillow, which was rectangular shaped. Size=10x5.5; Fabric: Polysatin (I didn't iron it flat before I stuffed it, so the edging isn't quite square). Read more to see the final product!

NOTE: It is very challenging to work with satins or any slippery fabric, and I think my attempt turned out to be all right...thank goodness for my satin footer.

I added satin ribbon and lace trim and offset its placement.

Voila! I added a cool button I found in my button collection and it was done! Again, I didn't iron it before I stuffed it, so the edges aren't nice and flat -- it was just a practice pillow.

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