Wednesday, April 22, 2009

utterly chic wedding {04.18.09} :: details!

All right! We posted some (take note on the word, "some") of the details. (Images of the invitations and the assembly process will be posted later -- that, alone, was a separate challenge.) The Benitez/Evangelista was one of our design+invitation+coordination projects, and because we were chosen to take on this stunning event, we put on our hard hats to produce some of the most custom work just for this special couple. It took so many hours of labor to perfect the smallest of details, sewing, gluing, designing, arranging...the tasks go on. Much of the design/assembly work was done in-house, by b&w, amidst a crazy schedule juggling other wedding projects and corporate design work, though Ron & Trish did get their hands dirty and helped with the programs and favor tags. To do all of this takes time-management, patience, creativity, and an eye for consistency. Coordination was at the other end of the stick, handled by Cyril, who worked with the couple and vendors in mastering all the logistic details for the big day. In any case, enjoy "some" of the details...yes, there were more bellz & whistlez to this affair.

It's all about creating a cohesive vision, and you'll see how the details made such a huge impact on the overall look of the reception. Yes, the details do matter!

View of the sweets station with a gobo wash above and a "low" centerpiece table.

Custom bellz&whistlez overlays (fabric chosen by the bride) on top of silver satin underlays provided by Concepts Party Rentals.

LEFT: Tall centerpiece table with silver chargers, fuschia lamour napkins; RIGHT: table # and program

Here are more photos of the interior of the reception and a board of DETAILS!

With the use of upgraded LED lighting and textured gobos, a dramatic environment was created.

The sweets station, "The Sweetest Way to End the Sweetest Day." (minus decorative votives)

Interactive "The Gutted Picture Frame" Station; set up during cocktail hour; Cyril and I were packing up at the end of the night...had to get a photo!

Below is a collage of all the "bellz & whistlez" that accompanied the event design. You're looking at some photos of details taken at my house before the wedding. The custom ring pillow and pin cushions we sewed are also in this collage!

If you're wondering about the rad cake, b&w designed/sketched the cake to match the overlay material. Trish then added to the design of the cake by requesting me to make a "bling bling" cake topper and cake base sash with glamorous rhinestones, silver trim, and satin. She also had her florist, Laura, dress the cake with flowers.


  1. Everything is beautiful!!! Looks amazing!!!!

  2. thank you! - bellz & whistlez

  3. Wait till you see our shots!