Thursday, April 30, 2009

wedding movie catch up: Bride Wars & Rachel Getting Married

On Tuesday, I went to visit 7-Degrees and dropped off some samples. The drive out to Laguna Beach was so relaxing, I decided to spend the rest of my Tuesday away from the computer. Instead, I opted to catch up on some wedding entertainment and stopped by redbox's $1 DVD rental machine (love it!)! I picked up "Rachel Getting Married" and "Bride Wars," plopped on the sofa with my two little dogs, and watched two completely different movies. Anne Hathaway plays a main role in both of these movies.

Of the two, I found "Bride Wars" to be more entertaining. "Rachel Getting Married" is a pretty somber movie, and I probably wouldn't watch it again -- no where near a "feel good" movie. Put it this way, Hathaway plays an addict-coming-out-of-rehab who comes home right before her sister's wedding. Hmm. BUT, what I did see was a pretty cool wedding rehearsal and very cultural wedding reception! I wouldn't recommend it to any bride currently planning her wedding -- it'll most likely stress you out. Anyways, I was glad I watched "Bride Wars" afterwards -- Hathaway and Hudson had me laughing! If you haven't seen it, it's pretty funny...(note: refrain from clicking on "CLICK FOR FULL POST" 'if you don't want me to spoil it for you...i'm going to go into some details)

The story: Hathaway and Hudson play best friends who grow up together. They attend a tea party with their mothers at the grand Plaza Hotel in New York, which ends up becoming a venue of high interest for the two girls. As kids, they dream of their fairytale wedding, rehearsing their wedding together, and pretty much planning every detail until adulthood. These were girls who were ready to tie the knot at 16! Anyway, they get engaged within days of one another and the official planning begins. The turning point is when their venue (the Plaza Hotel) screws up on their bookings and one of them has to change their wedding date. A competitive showdown emerges and the "ugly" comes out of both Hathaway and Hudson. It's a hysterical movie that showcases funny scenes relating to common wedding topics.

These girls go to the extreme in sabotaging each other. Personally, I don't know how they managed to terrorize each other to that extent and still remained friends. It didn't seem realistic, but then again, I enjoyed the comical scenes throughout the movie.

Hathaway becomes a victim of one of Hudson's motives. The result: an orange tan.

To get revenge, Hathaway switches out Hudson's hair dye prepared by the stylist.

The stunning brides at the Plaza Hotel on the day of their wedding.

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