Tuesday, May 5, 2009

happy cinco de mayo!

Celebrating Mexican history…and awesome dresses made in Mexico! I spotted a talented dress designer -- Ms Aida Coronado! Check out her hand made 70s Romantic Boho Mexican Wedding Dress..and other maxi dresses!

Handcrafted white manta super soft eco organic cotton; handmade cotton crochet lace; a romantic, gorgeous stylish ethnic fashionable maxi dress from Mexico with love.
These are simply gorgeous, hand made dresses that can be worn at a bridal shower or wedding rehearsal.

LEFT: Aida Coronado's Romantic Mexico gorgeous vintage 1960 wedding dress; RIGHT: Aida Coronado's Maxi Dress natural cotton

Just a few more fashionable Mexican dresses by Ms Aida Coronado.

Aida Coronado's OOAK maxi dress convertible cotton

Aida Coronado's mexican gold embroidered tunic

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