Friday, May 29, 2009

INTERIOR DEZIGN: I found bugs in Forever 21!

I went to Brea mall this past weekend to do some window shopping and to find some inspiration. I ended up spotting the topic of my next Interior Dezign post. What did I find? Bugs -- paper bugs! My husband motioned me to enter the hat store next to Forever 21, but couldn't help but notice Forever 21's windows -- I had to stop! I found paper bugs adorned with fascinating neck jewelry/chokers and paper flowers that stood 3 feet tall! From the looks of it, the torso and heads of the 4-legged ants look like they're made out of paper mâché. I commend the designer who put this visual concept together. Love the choice of bright spring colors and materials. And I also liked the swing that one of the little critters sat creative! (Excuse the glare, I was on the other side of the glass taking pics!)

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