Monday, May 4, 2009

project wedding binder tote

I'm sure most of you have started a wedding binder, to find that it grows quickly and soon becomes overwhelming to carry. When I planned, I started out with a 1-inch binder and ended up with a 4-inch binder! To relieve the stress of carrying this very important wedding planning item why not use a fashionable wedding binder tote?

I woke up early on Saturday and decided to sew a custom wedding binder tote. Check it out!

As an event designer, I accumulate tons of cool fabric samples that I hang in a closet. I didn't realize the extent of my collection until I browsed through them. I ended up pulling out a gray cotton blend with black flower prints and got started. It only comes up when I start talking about invitations to clients, but I took a special book making/design class in college. It's what allowed me to tighten up my invitation designs, craft assembling, material cutting, and measuring -- and it applies to everything we make at b&w. One day, I'll have to try sewing one of Janissa's dress designs.

I drew out the pattern and started cutting away.

Sewing the straps/handles.

Pinning the straps for placement

Voila! A wedding binder tote!

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