Thursday, May 14, 2009

Flower girl Q: How old is too old?

Q: I'm trying to decide if my niece should be a flower girl or jr. bridesmaid. At what age are girls flower girls vs. jr. bridesmaids?

A: According to, flower girls are generally between four and eight, and consider mature two and three-year olds to be acceptable (also goes for boys who are also attendants in the wedding). Jr. bridesmaids are typically between 8+ to young teen years. It's highly recommended to consider the maturity level of a child attendant, determining if he/she can handle the role(s) in the wedding. If you would like to include a young baby as a flower girl, it's ok to include them in the written program and forego the walk down the aisle. Or, you can have an adult in the entourage carry the baby down the aisle, and then leave the baby with a seated immediate family member during the procession. For the ring bearer, I love watching the little ring bearers walk down the aisle and would choose a mature boy who can take on the task. NOTE: It's wise to assign an usher or family member to politely indicate a "break" area (usually outside) to parents w/children who are having a difficult time during the ceremony.

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