Thursday, May 7, 2009

wedding forecast by JM :: demi-couture by Vera Wang

Her name says it all. As one of the most influential wedding dress designers, Vera Wang has been praised by the fashion elite and sophisticated brides for luxurious fabrics, exquisite detailing and contemporary interpretation of classic lines.

The high end designer’s Spring 2010 bridal collection exemplified an artfully unconventional and not-so-perfect theme. Fashion Wire Daily reports Wang’s gowns mixed and matched fabrics like silk with asymmetrically draped tulle, added mismatched bows tied in all different directions and tacked together sweeping mille-feuille layers. “It’s as though they were tossed in a washing machine,” said Wang, and then one imagines, were tumble dried. “They’re youthful and more organic than most gowns,” she said. More like a washing machine from the heavens I must say!

Above: Samples from Vera Wang's Spring 2010 collection
Wang has worked with her team to get prices down, but the quality has not been sacrificed. Constructed originally for celebrities and socialites, Wang’s dresses are now becoming more affordable. She has lowered her median price point 30 to 40 percent and her new collection features 10 gowns at the $3,800 level. Wang calls it “demi-couture.”

I adore Vera Wang’s demi-couture gowns. They are like pieces of art captivating you with a whimsical, airy and light appearance with twists of disheveled and raw elements. The gowns seem to always be in movement and are a fresh take for the modern bride. Absolutely breathtaking! A paradoxically unfinished dress could not be more perfect!

Above: Samples from Vera Wang's Spring 2010 collection
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