Tuesday, June 9, 2009

cool favors, décor, & things at Publique Shop

So, I have two custom wedding invitation projects that I'm working on and any time I start looking for paper & materials, I end up getting inspired, finding paper-made things along the way. I visited PubliqueShop this morning, an online, San Francisco-based, designer shop with mucho cool finds. If you're looking to take a modern direction with your wedding, look at some of these really neat paper items.

Use the boxes to wrap your attendants' gifts in. The foam & wooden coasters could make really cool favors/favor tags/place cards.

Designer Lian Ng created these paper cut-out votive wraps and placemats. The placemats can be used as a table setting prop, double as a place card, and really make a statement -- esp for an outdoor, patio wedding.

Above: Publique Shop's Votive Cuffs Paper Luminaries | $16 for 4-pack

Above: Publique Shop's PopMat Paper Placemats | $26 for 10-pack

OH!! and take a look at their current promo: 40% off the PopMat "tree" placemat...that comes out to $1.56 each!!!

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