Thursday, June 18, 2009

it's a font thing

I'm currently working on two custom wedding invitations projects -- exciting stuff! Will post in the near future. In the meantime, I've been shopping for fonts! And shopping for fonts is addicting. Check out these sexy fonts I just bought. Lovely! Can't wait to use 'em.

Did you know? Fonts are created by a designer? Each letter is individually illustrated or designed. Back in the day, the typographic design process involved letters being carefully hand illustrated. It took quite a lot of time to do (sometimes years); the designer had to ensure proportions, angles of scripts, and stroke thicknesses of the common stem were the same. Though some designers still opt to develop a font the traditional way, one can purchase font making software to create a font much more quickly. If I ever decided to attempt creating my own, I think I would do it the traditional way -- more challenging and definitely adds more value. Font creation is an art...that's why fonts have a price tag and copyrights.
Resources: PointlessArt, Wikipedia, NWalsh

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