Wednesday, June 24, 2009

sharing your wedding plans via writing

I thought about how Claire Pettibone was inspired by wedding planning at the age of four and how Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson's characters in Bride Wars were enthralled by attending a wedding at the early age of five. It hit me that the stories of children dreaming about their big day, especially young girls, do exist. Personally, I can't even recall attending a wedding as a child, but I'm sure I have -- guess my mind was fixed on finding kids my age to play with versus paying attention to the gorgeous white gown that approached the altar or bountiful flowers which were delicately arranged. My preface leads me to writing your wedding planning story. I wish I had done this, not that I didn't have a million other things to do while planning. But, I do regret not taking the time to write down what it was like to get proposed to, and to see the ring for the first how we found our venue and the design directions Abe and I pondered. I thought about my daughter understanding personal decisions, like why I went dress shopping on my own, or what it was like to attend the Catholic Engaged Encounter for marital preparation. Wouldn't it be neat to share this with your daughter, the day she gets proposed to? It will be some time before your daughter is old enough, but I think there's something magical about planning one of the most important events of your life.

Above: photo of journals from

I've seen it done through wedding blogs online -- it's another option, of course, but nothing can compare to your own hand written calligraphy in a journal you personally selected. Too, it won't get deleted by some HTML error, or hacked into, or seen by every pair of eyes -- including those who don't even know who you are. Share your story by writing your thoughts, sketches, inspiration, and challenges in a journal.

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