Friday, July 10, 2009

anniversary trip to the happiest place on earth :: disneyland

I apologize for lagging on my posts! This week has been a hectic week -- I haven't been in the office this week, as I've been attending meetings and accommodating corporate clients for big projects I'm involved with. I'm doing a quick post, 'cause I've got to run off here to shop for fabric!

On Tuesday, Abe and I celebrated our two year wedding anniversary at the happiest place on Earth -- Disneyland! It's only 25 minutes away, and yet, this was our first time visiting the theme park as a couple. I can't believe we waited this long, 'cause we enjoyed every minute of it -- even bought the 3-day hopper ticket which is also good at California Adventure. Everything seemed smaller or shorter -- like the seats in the Haunted Mansion -- I swore the back of the seat rose five feet above my head..haha. Abram even managed to convince me to sit in the front of Splash Mountain. How'd he do that? Glad I brought a change of clothes.

Here are some photos I took of some wedding items. We did spot a lot of couples wearing the Minney veil and Mickey top hat. Wonder how many proposals were made that day! Couples, take a trip out to Disney. It's an awesome place to spend some quality time, have a nice dinner (mystery restaurant you see when touring Pirates of the Caribbean), feel youthful together, and cuddle up as you sit through the rides. Oh, and if you're thinking of a vintage-inspired wedding, this is a good place to get typography, music, and decor ideas -- I love it!

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