Monday, July 13, 2009

bespoke by candy anthony (vintage-inspired)

Its popularity is increasing as more and more fashionista brides stray from the norm -- the bespoke dress. It can't be copied and can't be ordered out of a catalog because it's purely a custom tailored dress. You be the designer, and talents like Candy Anthony, will bring your vision to life. It's most probable that one will save money, but it's not the savings I take to concern, it's the originality that one walks away with. And with every b&w bride who dares to plan a wedding fit only for her, the bespoke dress screams original, creative, and haute.

I've been surfing, gathering inspiration for vintage-inspired art/dresses/shoes/weddings and came across London's Candy Anthony, a dress designer who philosophizes that "Beauty is a Feeling."

It is my philosophy to create a beautiful gown so that you, the wearer, would encompass a feeling of serenity and poise. A feeling of self-completeness. A quality gown. Its cut, its cloth, its purpose of being made for you, should create assurance...the beauty...from which this feeling springs. -- CA
I admire that none of the dresses are alike -- just like our approach to every b&w wedding.

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