Friday, July 3, 2009

INTERIOR DEZIGN :: master of the intricate: Tord Boontje

Yes, swoon. I first saw this designer's work in 2006 at our wedding venue, 7-Degrees, and fell in love. I intended to make this one of my very first posts, but was trying to find the right time to do it. And since I've been talking about paper, I thought it'd be a great time.

Tord Boontje, a Dutch-born artist who is so versatile, he could be labeled a craftsman, interior designer, furniture designer, product designer, textiles tech, but to me, a master of the intricate -- more obviously, his elaborate laser-cut art. He's worked with Swarovski, Target, and CB2 (just posted!), has had installations all over the world, and has won prestigious awards for his art.* Just look at the photos. We were one lucky couple to have had several of his Midsummer lights and installations hanging throughout our venue during our wedding. Thinking about adding texture to the walls of your venue? Get inspired by Tord.

Above: Tord Boontje's laser-cut designed curtains

Above: Tord Boontje's laser-cut "Garland" and "Midsummer" lights

Above: Tord Boontje's Swarovski installation titled, "Winter Wonderland"

You've probably seen his art around. It's pretty neat to see it up close. The detail involved is well appreciated. Design Museum had the opportunity to interview Mr. Boontje. You can see the full interview here.

(Design Museum) Q. Similarly, what inspired you to work in lighting?

(Boontje) A. Darkness. Often we have too much light. Also light can be a very powerful tool to influence a space. I like the dappled light in forests, and the glitter and sparkle of ice, cities, crystals and parties.

Above: Tord Boontje's laser-cut "Wednesday" lights

Above: Tord Boontje's packaging for his "Wednesday" light

Above: Tord Boontje's "Fairy Tail" Card

Above: Tord Boontje's laser-cut metal vases

*Resources:, Artecnica
Images:, Modern Poverty, Style Hive, Toxiferous

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