Thursday, July 16, 2009

NEWS: feeling accomplished {07.15.09}

Above: Sara Kosovic's "untitled" print from | card $4.66; print $19.95

Reflection written yesterday:

So far, I've completed 10 out of 15 things I need to do today, and feel so accomplished that I thought I'd share a few things that crossed my mind earlier. Though blogging is one of our loves here at b&w, it's really a small fraction of what we do. Blogging takes about 2–3 hours to do each day, from researching, writing, editing photos and creating our own collages, formatting and creating links, to finally publishing -- a lot goes into one small post. But when we're not blogging, we're working on our events and multi-tasking like no other.

As of today, b&w is currently working on the design and/or planning of several weddings (next one is 08.15.09), plus three custom invitation jobs in addition to the vintage+modern ones we just completed. Whew! We have a few other weddings booked for next year along with more invitation jobs, and have yet to begin those projects. How do we do it? Well, when we work with our signature templates, provide specific tools for our clients, and collectively engage the planning with highly motivated couples, planning tends to flow in a seemingly organized fashion. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying every client we have will have a flawless planning experience, but our organization can help facilitate and guide a couple in their planning. Note: Working with a motivated couple is key in our industry; ideally, the planner and couple ought to complete their tasks based on the same time line to maximize productivity -- this creates less stress and less mishaps throughout the planning and more importantly, on the big day.

A fully-executed b&w wedding is far from the standard wedding. The task list for a b&w event (design+invitations+coordination) is almost 3x the length of a typical wedding task list. Why? Well, we put thought into almost every detail (what we call the "bellz & whistlez) of the wedding, literally. The details matter, like understanding proportions of a tablescape, to visiting ten sites just to see which one will suit the vision, to being cognizant about the affects "time of day" can have on people. Yes, we encounter times of stress by having additional things to think about, but we remind ourselves not only about this atypical task list in our hands, but the fact that we are trying to create a truly one-of-a-kind experience. A wedding is a huge and expensive production and after all that planning and spending, wouldn't it be nice for your wedding to have content, excitement, wow factor, or make some sort of statement? We think it's very important to address those wants. This is what we do.

It's wonderful to know couples believe in our work, and we give every couple every ounce of love and energy that we have, in exchange. In the end, our name is tagged on to these gorgeous, interactive weddings, and we take pride in anything our hands touch simply because we care. We are humbled to have grown so quickly in the last few years and are exceptionally happy with what we do. Having this business is a constant learning process, but we're very proactive in improving our operation daily. Thanks for your support by being a regular blog visitor, client, or simply a wedding fan. We celebrate our 7 month blog birthday on July 23rd!

Ahhh…today, I feel accomplished. -- Charmae

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