Thursday, July 30, 2009

stylish sunglasses for the men

I've sat through the heat at an outdoor ceremony in the middle of summer. Yes, it's scorching, scorching hot, but it's a wedding, and there's nothing more exciting than watching a loving couple tie the knot. Something that seems to always stand out are groomsmen that wear sunglasses during the procession. I know it's hot and the sun's glaring in our eyes, but I'd like to think most of the guests want to see all of the handsome faces during this time. It is the most sacred part of the whole day. Maybe I'm unsure because I've experienced seeing that ONE groomsman rocking the avalanche white sunglasses all by himself -- I don't know. I suppose it's preferential and circumstantial (like formality), but maybe it's something as simple as "execution." According to, "Summer wouldn’t be summer without a great set of men’s sunglasses. In fact, while some maintain that clothes make the man, we believe that it’s actually his shades that define his character in the warm weather months. Men’s sunglasses provide the barometer of our lifestyle."

Above: Trend setter, Brad Pitt rocks a semi-formal and formal look with the same pair of sunglasses; Photo source: LaBelleEtLeBlog, HuffingtonPost,

So, with my qualms about wearing sunglasses during the outdoor ceremony plus's outlook, I took the liberty of meeting the groomsmen half way. Plus, I found Brad Pitt photos ;). I searched for some eye accessories that are stylish, light for summer, and are a bit more transparent -- so they don't weigh heavily on the face, intimidate the crowd, or hide those beautiful eyes! And if these define a man's character, then there's nothing more impressive than a man who can coordinate his eye wear and outfit, and show he's got some style. One last note, if the sun's going down, it's an obvious signal -- time to put the sunglasses away.

Rock your groomsman 'fit with flavor.

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