Monday, August 31, 2009

feel love through fréya's illustrations

Thought I'd post something to make your day. Fréya captivates all with her organic and playful illustrations, and her meaningful quotes.

Above: Freya's Elephant Smile

Above: Freya's Butterfly Kisses

Above: Freya's All That We Will Ever Need

Above: Freya's Strange and Magnificent

Above: Freya's Grass Seeds
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Friday, August 28, 2009

NEWS: LA Printers Fair '09 going on tomorrow!

Just a little reminder -- bellz & whistlez will be at the LA Printers Fair tomorrow! Come stop by ;) It's FREE! For more information on vendors, location, special sales, please click here.
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Thursday, August 27, 2009

custom wedding album design by mangoRED

I've gone through thousands of pages with wedding-related searches, and I love the fact that the web is an advertising network that is unpredictable, spontaneous, and totally accessible. Last year, while doing a search on flowers, something magical happened -- I found this site..not just any ordinary wedding site, but a design haven, an experience through gorgeous photography and whimsical illustration, a wedding album wonderland called mangoRED!

Why am I only blogging about mangoRED now?! I've been asking myself that the last hour as I prep the photos. Maybe it's because last night, I thought about the custom wedding album project I've had for a year now? I don't know. What ever the case, you ought to check out their work. Full of spunk, full of energy, and full of passion -- these guys are downright geniuses! Even though they're thousands of miles away on the other side of the world, enjoying the tropical weather in the Philippines, Ryan and Randall Dagooc are two super duper talented designers and photographers who achieved something phenomenal -- they mixed graphic design, beyond-spectacular photography, and illustration with wedding albums and as a result, have given me the opportunity to see something I've only wished to see -- priceless wedding art in an album. This is exhibited in their products from the Purple Label, though they do showcase fashion-angled engagement sessions and wedding albums which use modern design. This team is full of style and their approach is unrivaled. You'll have to explore their blog to get a glimpse into their world...keep clicking, 'cause there are plenty of samples of their work.

Hey, Ed (Atrero), is that you, San Diego's Atrero Photography in the Recent Comments column? Hi! Small world! ;)

Above: Ryan and Randall Dagooc; Photos from and by: mangoAL for mangoRED

Above: wedding album design from Purple Label Photos from: mangoRED

Above: wedding album design from Purple Label Photos from: mangoRED

Above: wedding spread design; Photos from: mangoRED

I can keep boasting about these two Filipino artists who push forward, sans the technical schooling; pure talent -- pure brains -- pure greatness. Their work is so worth commissioning internationally. Is a trip to the Philippines just to have them do a photo session and album for me in my future? Post-wedding photos -- LOL. Brides and grooms, check out these albums by mangoRED -- you'll enjoy!

Above: Ryan and Randall Dagooc & son; Photos from and by: mangoAL for mangoRED

Above: Ryan and Randall Dagooc; Photos from and by: mangoAL for mangoRED

"Our healthy crew is composed of photographers, illustrators, layout artists who are just as passionate about our work as the two of us. We are comfortably and chummily left-of-center. We have to confess that we’ve never been to art schools nor earned a major design degree…coz despite its pluses, we reckon this isn’t for everyone..let alone for us. In our case, the real world is the best course.

We’d like to describe our work as a tickle in your brain. .it’s not just the quality of the idea, it’s the quality of the execution, the finish. the unique spin in colors, the lines, perspective..when these elements align, they create a visual perfume.

We believe that no matter how monstrous your talent, no matter your adeptness with concepts, your adroitness with words, with pictures, no matter how much you have learned from all the creative masters who have gone before you, it will mean nothing - no, it will mean less than nothing - if you do not love your work with all its pain and glory. .every last sweet and sour moment of it - the late nights, the lost Sundays." - mangoRED

Above: Ryan and Randall Dagooc & son; Photos from and by: mangoAL for mangoRED

Above: opening page to their web site (albums)

Above: wedding album spread design; Photos from: mangoRED

Above: wedding album spread design; Photos from: mangoRED

Above: wedding album spread design; Photos from: mangoRED

Above: wedding album spread design; Photos from: mangoRED
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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

COLOR FANATIC: #003 Garden Romance

Sparked by the colors used in Monavx's "Hope Street Market Poster," I created an inspiration board called, "Garden Romance." I've gone back to basics, using the deeper tones of wine and forest, and balanced it with chartreuse and a shade of sand. I love how these colors create a very romantic feel -- they're not too overwhelming and definitely make for a timeless wedding reception.

Photo source: Pronovias (dress), Accessory Bug (clutch), Ollemans (earrings), monavx (poster), Ickleson (stencil card), NY Mag (tablescape), Tripler (Rolls Royce), The Knot (centerpiece), Bella Figura (calligraphy invitation), Guiseppe Zanotti (heels), Evropa Shop (dishware), Chamelon Chairs (green bella fleur chair), Beaulieu (garden image), Southern Living (place setting with floral wrap) . . .(click for full post)

Monday, August 24, 2009

visual communication at its finest

As a graphic designer, I'm drawn to anything visually entertaining. Whether it be color choice, movement, play with type, composition, printing method, or text, I find an appreciation for nifty ways of sending a message. With the use of 3 and 4-D programs, digital artists and illustrators bend the rules and create an experience. It's visual communication and we see it everywhere --- the movies, billboards along the freeway, apparel, on the internet, etc. These works of art take time, and the intent? To communicate in a much more powerful way. This correlates to wedding stationery, not so much in a commercial way, but invitations help convey your own message, whether it be to express formality, theme or style.

Above: Tony Ariawan's "Typo Composition"

Above: monavx's "Hope Street Market Poster"

Above: poster by Artur Newfeld

Above: Morten Iveland's "Bolda Display"

Above: Craig Ward's "Papercut"

Above: Fabian Barral's "Anatolie Poster"

Above: IlkIlkIlk's "195 Wishes"

Above: "The Rest of the Best" poster by unknown (pls let me know if you know the creator)

Above: Mike Melvas' "Splash"

Above: Mike Melvas' "Tree"

Above: Mike Melvas' "Candy"
Above: Fanzi's "Foundation"
Above: Fabian Barral's "Les Chants de la Dore"
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los angeles printers fair 2009 {carson, ca}

If you are a fan of printing, paper, book making, arts, typography, & graphic design, come out to Carson, California and visit the fair! It's FREE and will be full of talented vendors! Learn about letterpress and meet enthusiasts who have explored numerous avenues in the art of printing. Check out for more information about the 2009 Los Angeles Printers Fair and about the International Printing Museum. B&W will be setting up a small booth showcasing some of our custom invitations and details. :) . . .(click for full post)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

pure bliss at the int'l printing museum (carson, ca)

My husband turned our Saturday morning into pure bliss when he prompted me to get ready 'cause we were about to embark on the much-anticipated journey to the magnificent International Printing Museum. I've always been fascinated by printing, let alone the beautiful techniques of letterpress, embossing, and foiling. And at b&w, we offer all of these options for couture, custom wedding invitations and paper goods. I will post our most recent letterpress invitation project we created, but first take a sneak peek into what I got to drool over Saturday morning.

Above: Ernie Lindner, the savvy collector who found an admiration for vintage printers -- thank you, Ernie for falling upon these gems and taking care of them!

If you watched 7 Pounds, the presses in the movie were actually borrowed from the International Printing Museum in Carson. Below is a beautiful, restored and working Heidelberg windmill platen press that was used back in the 1960s. This type of machine is responsible for creating the gorgeous couture letterpress wedding invitations and stationery we see today. It's no wonder why letterpress comes with a premium -- not only is the end result beyond amazing, but printing on a vintage machine takes much more than simply pushing a button; it has truly become an art form.

Above: one of the Original Heidelberg windmill letterpress machines (shown in 7 Pounds); it still works!

Above: an operator showing us how the machine works

Above: a Chandler & Price platen press

Here are more pictures of some of the wonderful pieces the museum has inside. These only show a snapshot of what they actually have altogether. I want to save some for you to see for yourself one day. With a small $8 donation to the museum, you get a fully guided tour with one of their staff members, and you walk away with a handful of printing history and appreciation. Learn about the famed Johannes Gutenberg and how important this man was in our history -- and I mean important. And they also have classes where you can learn the art of letterpress, book binding, printing, and much more. Check out:

Above: a press that printed 800-1,000 sheets per hour -- this was considered fast since most of the printers at the time had only printed about 100 sheets per hour.

Above: lines of type; old way of laying out text to print in a book or newspaper

Above: a linotype machine

Above: (L) the museum guide showing us how Gutenberg made blocks of type with a mold he also created; (R) showing a block of Chinese characters carved into wood for printing

Above: this is what he made out of the mold! -- letter "m" -- thanks to the works of Johannes Gutenberg

Above: an old school typewriter

Above: blocks of type
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