Monday, August 24, 2009

visual communication at its finest

As a graphic designer, I'm drawn to anything visually entertaining. Whether it be color choice, movement, play with type, composition, printing method, or text, I find an appreciation for nifty ways of sending a message. With the use of 3 and 4-D programs, digital artists and illustrators bend the rules and create an experience. It's visual communication and we see it everywhere --- the movies, billboards along the freeway, apparel, on the internet, etc. These works of art take time, and the intent? To communicate in a much more powerful way. This correlates to wedding stationery, not so much in a commercial way, but invitations help convey your own message, whether it be to express formality, theme or style.

Above: Tony Ariawan's "Typo Composition"

Above: monavx's "Hope Street Market Poster"

Above: poster by Artur Newfeld

Above: Morten Iveland's "Bolda Display"

Above: Craig Ward's "Papercut"

Above: Fabian Barral's "Anatolie Poster"

Above: IlkIlkIlk's "195 Wishes"

Above: "The Rest of the Best" poster by unknown (pls let me know if you know the creator)

Above: Mike Melvas' "Splash"

Above: Mike Melvas' "Tree"

Above: Mike Melvas' "Candy"
Above: Fanzi's "Foundation"
Above: Fabian Barral's "Les Chants de la Dore"

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