Wednesday, September 30, 2009

brides against breast cancer

My husband and I recently made a donation to Making Strides Against Breast Cancer on behalf of the American Cancer Society. This donation was made in support of one of my close girlfriends who is battling breast cancer and is participating in the MSABC walk on Sunday, Oct. 18, 2009, and the others who are also fighting this illness. Did you know that in America, every 2.5 minutes, someone is diagnosed with breast cancer?* It is my amazing girlfriend, who has shed light and opened my eyes to the reality of breast cancer; she has brought such an awareness to me, our friends, our families and even strangers. Her strength and endurance have captivated me and because of her, I went on a mission to find out current projects that are helping in the cause. My heart was completely filled with joy when one caught my attention -- Brides Against Breast Cancer, a fund raising program designed by Making Memories. If you've heard of "trashing the dress" photo sessions, hold on -- this may provide an alternative to what to do with your gown after the big day.

Above: Photos taken by Brandon Schmidt for FotoVitae at a BABC event
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"What am I supposed to do with my dress anyway?" There are few options: 1) preserve it, box it, and put it under the bed as a keepsake, 2) save it in hopes that your daughter will one day want to wear it, 3) do a "trash the dress" photo session and literally put it in the trash, 4) sell it at a yard sale or box it up for the Salvation Army, 5) leave it in a closet to turn yellow over time. But wait, there is another option that you might like. Did you know you can donate your dress to Brides Against Breast Cancer for a for some one who is looking to have her "Making Memories" wish granted? Yes, it's true! You can help in such a phenomenal cause. What the foundation does is accept new and worn gown donations, and then they hold public events where they sell the gowns at a much lower price. All the proceeds end up going to the Making Memories organization, where they are able to grant the wish of a terminally ill cancer patient. I know we can all help somehow, and this is one unique way of putting a smile on someone's face. Donate your dress!

If you'd like to find out more about the cause, please click here.

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  1. This is good stuff Charm..I never knew about Brides Against Breast Cancer.Thanks for sharing with me and all who have read your blog. Having gone through and STILL battling this disease has seriously changed my life and it's so nice to know there are events that give these women opportunity to do something fun and support a great cause.Thank for your constant support and love Bellz & Whistlez. Love your work!