Friday, September 25, 2009

a dream about a chair

I had a dream last night. Abe and I were at our reception, but it looked nothing like 7.7.07. I remember bright bold turquoises, fuchsias, golds, and lots of printed fabrics.The lighting was a dim, blue hue. I was wearing a heavily sequined dress and draped along my shoulder was a sheer sash cascading with crystals. I think I was having my own beautiful, lavish Indian wedding. It was just magnificent! But my dream wasn't about me, nor was it on my husband. In the background, stood a shiny, blinding, gold piece of furniture. I gazed past a blurred me, and caught myself staring at the trim of what appeared to be our wedding throne -- two grandiose chairs that butted up next to each other, adorned with extravagantly carved out detailing or gilding.

So I got to thinking, and yes, I've seen it before, a couple's throne. It doesn't have to be lavish, like the one in my dream, but definitely a statement piece. A detail this small sets you apart from the guests. It's kind of like, "Hey, I'm the King and here's my Queen!" They're probably much more comfy than the typical reception chair, so comfy, you probably wouldn't mind sitting down most of the time. And you've got a beautiful decor piece that adds to your professional photos. So? What did I do...well, I looked for furniture pieces that my dream inspired me to find. This time, I looked for chairs that would fit well with a modernly designed reception. Pretty cool.

Above: Sophia chair by Reclaim The Throne via Etsy

Above: Toile Balloon chair via Neiman Marcus

Above: Carmella Accent chair via Neiman Marcus

Above: Melange chair via Neiman Marcus

Amazingly, you can rent chairs at a really good price. And it wouldn't hurt to ask your venue if they have any designer pieces laying around that you might be able to borrow.

Above: Jouquin chair by Reclaim The Throne via Etsy

Above: Tall mod chair (photo from Encore Events)

Above: Curly Slipper chair via Neiman Marcus

Above: Purple Medallion chair via Neiman Marcus

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