Monday, September 14, 2009

eat cake :: cake serving sets

You're searching for details like champagne flutes, a cake stand/base, cake serving sets, unity candles, but you're contemplating how much you really want to invest in these pieces. In my opinion, I think this is an area where you can be practical when it comes to expenses, unless you've already started a Lenox or Waterford Crystal collection, or have already fallen in love with that fancy Tiffany & Co. set. I found some cake serving sets that are sold in stores that most of us have access to; the sets have both modern and traditional designs, and are affordable and pricey. The cake serving set is a very small detail, but photographers zoom in to capture these two pieces, so spend some time finding the perfect match for your wedding.

Two more options: 1) You can register for these items for your engagement party or shower and use them on the wedding day. Or 2) Borrow the flutes and cake serving sets from family. It's a great way to pass along a wedding tradition shared within family and you save some $!

Above: Lenox "Opal Innocence" sold at Bed, Bath & Beyond; $39.99

Above: Vera Wang "Love Knots" sold at Bed, Bath & Beyond; $59.99

Above: "Oxford" sold at Target

Above: Cambridge Cake Serving Set sold at Target; $9.99

Above: "Trent" Cake Serving Set sold at Crate and Barrel; $42.95

Above: Dessert Serving Set sold at Crate and Barrel; $9.95

Above: Kate Spade "Darling Point" sold at Macy's; $50.00

Online Resources:

  1. Bed, Bath & Beyond Serving Sets
  2. Crate & Barrel Serving Sets
  3. Macy's Cake Serving Sets
  4. The Knot has a pretty good selection of cake serving sets as well ($19.95–300.00), so for the savvy online shopper, you can check them out here.
  5. Tiffany & Co.'s Silver Serving Collection
Photo source and credits: Bed, Bath & Beyond, Macy's, Crate and Barrel, Tiffany's

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