Thursday, September 17, 2009

new toy :: bell & howell manual video camera

Check, check, check it out. During my adventure at the Rose Bowl Flea Market, I came across an awesome collector. This guy (I apologize for not getting his name) collected old cameras, projectors, Polaroids, old LowRider magazines (1970s) and prints dating all the way back to the early 1940s. I have a manual Nikon FM2 SLR, that I bought for my first photography class, and have babied it -- it's now a collectible and is still worth something. Funny thing is, the FM2 was manufactured in 1996, which is not that long ago in comparison to the Bell & Howell late 1950s camera I purchased! LOL. But yes, this Bell & Howell 8mm electric eye movie camera shoots with film and can be projected like the old time movies. The catch -- well, it only takes about 5 minutes of footage at a time. The cool thing is, some wedding photographers offer Super 8mm filming -- if you haven't seen Super 8mm filming, I posted two sample videos shared on YouTube. Abe and I had a portion of our engagement shot Super 8mm by our lovely photographer, Nicole Caldwell, which she incorporated into our engagement montage -- pretty, pretty cool. Note, these vintage cameras don't have audio, but the end result is the dated, grainy look that old movies had. Oh yes, this is a non-battery powered piece of art -- so just wind it up and start rolling. Last thing, I bought the camera for a whopping -- $28! I just need to get some film and maybe a projector...Exciting!

Here are two samples pulled from YouTube. Fantastic footage by Cake and Lemonade (film 1) and CaspersDaddy (film 2).

I also found some vintage late 1950s prints advertising cameras for $1 each. Just need to have mounted and hung in the house! Love 'em.

If you are interested in attending an antique road show/flea market, there is an event taking place this Sunday in Long Beach. Below is the flyer. Otherwise, if you're interested in the Rose Bowl Flea Market schedule, click here.


  1. I found one of these cameras, jsut like the one you bought. the last I used it was from the 1980's Winter Olympics in Lake Placid NY, and there is still fim in it. Do you have any idea where I can get it developed?

  2. I have a Belle and Howell Video Camera (featherweight portable with electric eye) as well as a Bell & Howell Projector (8mm), they are both in excellent condition, the camera is in the originial leather pouch. If you know anyone interested in purchasing them, I am selling them both.