Monday, September 21, 2009

wedding forecast by JM :: M Bride Fashion Event (San Diego)

"M Bride Fashion Event at the IVY Hotel"
What better way to start my day at the office by walking into the designated green room where swag bag assembly takes over the boardroom table, models are getting hair and makeup done, stylists scurrying, and accessories, footwear, and jewelry are amongst the piles of organized mess. Like a strong magnetic force, the corner of the room pulls me against my will, and then I find myself surrounded by racks of exquisite haute couture bridal gowns. This must be my heaven ;-). I wish I had my camera to photograph close ups of the meticulous detailing and impeccable craftsmanship. I just could not resist touching and admiring each and every single dress.

For the third year in a row, M Bride of La Jolla hosted their annual fashion show and bridal event at IVY Hotel. Featuring the latest collection by internationally renowned Ines Di Santo (left), her incredible designs were complemented by the dĂ©cor done by Kathy Wright & Co. As one of the most anticipated events of the year, the show has gotten bigger and better over time. Animal printed linens, exotic centerpieces, gigantic floral arrangements accented by peacock feathers, all set on IVY’s rooftop during sunset created a fashion forward ambiance. With clear skies and the most killer views of Downtown San Diego, it was a perfect backdrop for what was promised to be an interesting show. With their graceful strides, the models made their way through the crowd as guests were taken by surprise by unexpected escorts. Literally speaking, “golden grooms” escorted the blushing brides. Painted in gold with tribal symbols, donning nothing more than a cheetah printed loincloth, and barefooted, these walking statues split everyone’s attention between their six-packs and the gorgeous gowns.

I loved how the models were interactive. They struck poses for me, took photos with guests, answered questions and never allowed for a dull moment. Ms. Di Santo made a personal appearance and both her and her daughter, Veronica, joined this special cocktail reception. Unfortunately, I could not snap a photo of Ms. Di Santo as it’s hotel policy for us employees. But it was a spectacular event indeed, and I hope that you will join me next year!

To see more photos of Ines Di Santo's gowns, click on photo below.

Above: photo from INSIDE Weddings; Ines Di Santo collection


  1. found this on the internet as I was googling this event. I am the 2nd model in your pictures above -- this was a wonderful event, with my favorite wedding designer, Ines Di Santo - - thank you for your lovely write-up :)

    Ciao, Elsa M

  2. Thanks, Elsa!..and thanks, Janissa, for covering the event! Elsa, you did an amazing job at the event.. ;) Ines Di Santo is also one of our favorite are so lucky to have gotten a chance to work with her!

  3. How would i find the dresses from Ines di Santo, there aare 2 i adore, however i do not see them on her website collections? Please lert me know, what amazing photos. WOW