Friday, October 30, 2009

happy halloween

We're a day early, but we know there'll be plenty of festivities going on today! Wishing you lots of treats and goodies -- Happy Halloween from b&w!
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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

wedding forecast by JM :: khloe + lamar's lavish wedding

"Khloe + Lamar's Lavish Wedding"
I love the fashionable and entertaining Kardashians and of course, my heart belongs to the 2009 NBA Champions Lakers team. So when I came across photographs from Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom’s ultra lavish wedding, it only made perfect sense to feature the dynamic couple. Afterall, both hail from B&W territory, the city of movie stars, moguls and money…Los Angeles.

With only a month to execute the elaborate wedding and with limitless bank accounts, the best of the best made anything possible. Long time friend to the Kardashians, Vera Wang crafted a custom mermaid gown for Khloe in one week. Wow! Can I just sigh at that type of celebrity access? Her dress was very reminiscent of Vera’s Spring 2010 bridal collection. The silk paneled, delicately ruffled bottom, curve enhancing dress was ridiculously gorgeous on Mrs. Odom. With a beautiful gown comes a beautiful ring and Lamar did not hold back with a diamond big enough to be seen across a basketball court. And of course, the groom’s wedding band was encrusted with ice all over. Did you expect otherwise?

100,000 white roses adorned the home of music mogul, Irving Azoff. The ceremony was held outdoors and the elegant affair continued under a tent on property where the nightclub themed reception produced by Sharon Sacks impressed the 250 guests in attendance.

In a world of reality TV and pop culture, some may say that their wedding was staged for the sake of a juicy storyline. Yet others may still argue in the name of true love. Draw your own conclusion and catch the star studded event set to be aired on a special two hour episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians: The Wedding, Sunday, November 8th on E!.

*Photo Source: from OK! Weekly Online -- Photography by Albert Ferreira and Michael Simon
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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

what could possibly be worth $9.48M dollars?

A: Jewelry. Here it is -- the $9.48M Star of Josephine, a "rare fancy vivid blue internally flawless diamond of 7.03 carats." That's a whopping $1,349,752 per carat!* Only Sotheby's would have such a brilliant gem.

Photo above (source):
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Monday, October 26, 2009

COLOR FANATIC: #005 Elegantly Cool

How elegant! Janissa put together this Color Fanatic inspiration board, for you couples who want to use a deep, bright blue -- in this case, "cobalt" -- but want to still keep your design sophisticated, luxe and fun. This combination is very modern and great for every season. It'll just be a matter of what you decide will be your primary color, secondary, and so forth. For this particular inspiration board, upgrade your linen from poly to crushed lamour or textured satin and explore dinnerware laced with gold trim or beaded edges -- extremely easy way to go from "pretty" to "luxurious."

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Friday, October 23, 2009

haute couture at the metropolitan museum of art

Most of the work day, I'm a virtual explorer, stumbling upon the new and old, rummaging, scavenging, and learning -- a sponge absorbing history and the story behind all things visual. I made a much needed trip to New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art today -- an online voyage that would prove to be worthwhile. It was an amazing time as I perused the Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History, specifically The Costume Institute on my 26" screen. Just enough to engage in the world of high fashion and timeless design, and a reminder to the donned fashion divas and divos of our world. This is a good place to simply check out old and new fashion, and understand where haute couture and current designs stem from -- it's a progression made over time and a repeating cycle of trends. How fascinating.

Above: Yohji Yamamoto dress circa 2000 (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Above: Christian Dior "Venus" dress circa 1949 (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Above: Gianni Versace "Evening Dress" circa 1996 (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Above: Christian Dior "Dinner Dress" circa 1949 (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Above: Jacques Fath "Ball Gown" circa 1951 (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Above: Christian Dior "Junon" gown circa 1949 (Metropolitan Museum of Art)
Photo source: all photos are via Metropolitan Museum of | Image and copyright credits: MMofA

Check out the catalog hidden within The Costume Institute and simply click on the images to acquaint yourself with a short story of the dress. Today, these pieces of couture clothing do not have a retail dollar tag attached to them -- they're priceless works of art. WOW.

Above: Tom Ford for Gucci "Dress with Belt" circa 1996 (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Above: House of Worth "Evening Dress" circa 1858 (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Above: Christian Dior "Cocktail Dress" circa 1948 (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Above: British bustle circa 1871 (Metropolitan Museum of Art)
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Thursday, October 22, 2009

dresses and details

Swoon. I just love the intricate detailing on the back of this Indian wedding dress.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

DARING DIVAS: a night with kiki de montparnasse

Daring Divas: Make an early exit from the wedding reception to spend the rest of the evening with your new husband. Dress your body with Kiki de Montparnasse lingerie and get in tune with intimacy. Yes, she has 'toys.'

"Kiki De Montparnasse is a luxury fashion and lifestyle brand that celebrates intimacy and inspires the romantic imagination.

Established with the conviction that sensual pleasure and fulfillment are paramount to a well-lived life, our collections define a new category which empowers exploration of fantasy and communication of desire. We believe intimacy should be honored, and that discriminating consumers should be able to explore and express their passion with grace, sophistication and abandon." -- excerpt from Kiki de Montparnasse

Above: Kiki de Montparnasse Tuxedo Shirt & Siren Capelet

Above: Kiki de Montparnasse 24k Cuffs

Above: Kiki de Montparnasse Pin Up Bra

Above: Kiki de Montparnasse Peekaboo Panty

I know, I know. You're probably thinking, "I'm going to be way too tired at the end of the night." But there's nothing wrong with leaving a little early from the festive reception to call it a night. You'll have a little energy to do something sweet and spectacular for your hubby, and it's a phenomenal way to kick off your new life together. Make it exciting and playful!

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

grace ormonde :: the digital experience

I can recall the first time I was introduced to Grace Ormonde's couture wedding magazine, Wedding Style. It was back in 2005, when Abram's sister, Ginger, was planning her beautiful wedding at the Ritz Carlton Maui. She shared the copy with me, and I've been a huge fan ever since. The publication comes out only twice a year -- yes, don't we wish they could put out more, but understand this select magazine endures a purely intense production; to partake in any advertising, vendors must receive an honorary invitation and then pay some big bucks to settle in the luxe magazine. As a graphic designer, I know what it's like to put out 200+ page publications -- it is FAR from easy and takes the effort of many people. From the haute jewelry, to exemplary floral designers, couture gowns, to some of the most talented event designers showcasing stunning interiors they've designed, I know why Grace Ormonde is so particular. Her magazine is probably one of the most distinguished couture wedding magazines around, and she has a name to uphold. And I couldn't have been happier to stumble upon her magazine -- online -- digital -- interactive -- for those who just happen to make it a minute too late to have been stuck with the "need to restock" notice. Oh, how gracious you are, Ms Grace Ormonde -- we thank you!

Above: click on ">Digital Edition" to access online version

Above: convenient tabs at the top of each spread to flip through digital magazine

Above: clean, well laid out spreads for easy reading and admiring

If you haven't seen Wedding Style, you're missing out. And though I would consider the digital copy as a quick answer to your desperate need to see who made it in the magazine, you've got to pick up the hard copy in stores -- it's always better to see the real deal!

Get fabulous ideas on engagement session concepts, like the one above -- although you'd be taking it with your hubby-to-be, essentially! Check out the hot couple below, standing on top of a bar counter.

Photo source: all photos via WeddingStyleMagazine
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Monday, October 19, 2009

where have you been, cyril?

G’day B&W Mates! I've been out of the blogging scene for some time, but there's good reason! Yes, I’ve been a total busy-bee the past few months. Not only am I finishing up my last year in grad school (I’ll be graduating in May!), but guess where I've been? I just recently returned from the “Land Down Under”--AUSTRALIA!

You are probably wondering…Was it a trip to wrestle crocodiles?...BLOODY NO! Did you go there to meet your thunder from down under?...CRIKEY!

Was there an opportunity to do a summer internship?... YA RECKON, YES! I was fortunate San Diego State University had an internship program abroad at the University of Western Sydney where I worked closely with students to help them achieve their academic potential. All work and no play was a false statement, as I pretty much vacationed the whole time there.

Not only did I grow personally and professionally from the two-month experience, but I was able to make many priceless and lifelong memories with my new Aussie friends. I painted Oz land red as I conquered Sydney’s famous sites (Opera House, Harbor Bridge, and Bondi beach), flew a plane over the county, hiked Daintree’s tropical rainforest in Queensland, and scuba dived/ snorkeled with Nemo and friends in the Great Barrier Reef!

Photo source: from University of Texas Library

After many encounters of bumping into kangaroos, putting one on the barbie became part of daily life, which was quite “yum.” Besides Kanga-banga burgers, meat pies, and fish and chips, Australia didn’t seem to have other must-try foods, so I had my occasional American fix of “Mackers” (McDonald's). How I wish I picked up the Aussie accent though because it sounds so beautiful, even when you are really upset. Just one piece of advice for those who decide to venture to the outback: NEVER out drink an Aussie or else your liver will burst!

Occasionally, I will have my Aussie cravings of Tim Tam slams, Vegemite, and English milk tea, but they all have nothing on a fat CALIFORNIA burrito, which was my 1st US meal when I returned. It was bittersweet to leave Australia, but it is definitely great being back in sunny San Diego with my family, best friends, and my two-month-old nephew, Baby Elijah, who I missed dearly!

Of course, B&W wasn’t forgotten as I mentioned us frequently to my friends who are soon-to-be brides or know of prospective brides. Is B&W ready to go international?! =)

Cheerio! - Cyril
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Friday, October 16, 2009

stunning wedding backdrop :: the church altar

I'm a visual person, and though I like to focus the couple ceremoniously tying the knot at the church, I do occasionally find my eyes scavenging. I couldn't help but pause at this photo that Mollie Jane beautifully captured of a couple at the altar. This blew me away. I've seen gorgeous altars, like Founder's Chapel at USD, but what a joy to find such an exquisite backdrop in the Inland Empire. The remarkable 18th century, 18-karat gold-leaf Rayas Altar stands in the St. Francis of Assisi chapel in the historic Mission Inn, located on 3649 Mission Inn Avenue, Riverside, Ca 92501.* Abram and I LOVE the Mission Inn; champagne brunch on Sundays are simply delightful. If you're in the area, make a trip to the Mission Inn and acquaint yourself with some sacred history.

St. Joseph, the patron saint of brides, stands in the center of the altar, above the glass case, where His benevolent and protective gaze welcomes brides as they partake in their wedding ceremony. -- Mission Inn Hotel & Spa history excerpt
To view more of Mollie Jane's photos from this wedding, please click here.
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