Monday, October 19, 2009

where have you been, cyril?

G’day B&W Mates! I've been out of the blogging scene for some time, but there's good reason! Yes, I’ve been a total busy-bee the past few months. Not only am I finishing up my last year in grad school (I’ll be graduating in May!), but guess where I've been? I just recently returned from the “Land Down Under”--AUSTRALIA!

You are probably wondering…Was it a trip to wrestle crocodiles?...BLOODY NO! Did you go there to meet your thunder from down under?...CRIKEY!

Was there an opportunity to do a summer internship?... YA RECKON, YES! I was fortunate San Diego State University had an internship program abroad at the University of Western Sydney where I worked closely with students to help them achieve their academic potential. All work and no play was a false statement, as I pretty much vacationed the whole time there.

Not only did I grow personally and professionally from the two-month experience, but I was able to make many priceless and lifelong memories with my new Aussie friends. I painted Oz land red as I conquered Sydney’s famous sites (Opera House, Harbor Bridge, and Bondi beach), flew a plane over the county, hiked Daintree’s tropical rainforest in Queensland, and scuba dived/ snorkeled with Nemo and friends in the Great Barrier Reef!

Photo source: from University of Texas Library

After many encounters of bumping into kangaroos, putting one on the barbie became part of daily life, which was quite “yum.” Besides Kanga-banga burgers, meat pies, and fish and chips, Australia didn’t seem to have other must-try foods, so I had my occasional American fix of “Mackers” (McDonald's). How I wish I picked up the Aussie accent though because it sounds so beautiful, even when you are really upset. Just one piece of advice for those who decide to venture to the outback: NEVER out drink an Aussie or else your liver will burst!

Occasionally, I will have my Aussie cravings of Tim Tam slams, Vegemite, and English milk tea, but they all have nothing on a fat CALIFORNIA burrito, which was my 1st US meal when I returned. It was bittersweet to leave Australia, but it is definitely great being back in sunny San Diego with my family, best friends, and my two-month-old nephew, Baby Elijah, who I missed dearly!

Of course, B&W wasn’t forgotten as I mentioned us frequently to my friends who are soon-to-be brides or know of prospective brides. Is B&W ready to go international?! =)

Cheerio! - Cyril


  1. Aww this is making me nostalgic! Australia was so awesome...let's start planning our next trip :)

    - jen louie

  2. I love it Cyril! Thank you for sharing this with me. Just let me know when you are ready to go back; they would love to have you return.



  3. Cyril! Oy, Sheila, scared of you---Vegemite, BLECH. You've got an iron stomach. What incredible experiences you've had! Wonderful post.

  4. Don't tell me you didn't try lamingtons! You have to come back and try a lamington!

    I'm sorry I missed your farewell, I had to be in Canberra for class. Glad you enjoyed it here, come again!