Friday, November 6, 2009

fabulous wedding hair

I write about dresses, accessories and shoes, but haven't quite touched one of the most obvious -- the hair. As some of you know, I used to do wedding up-dos (for almost 8 years) as a part-time weekend gig. As most stylists start out, I first started doing hair for my girlfriends for dances in high school. I find it amusing, as I always managed to end up at the dance with my hair looking like it did on a normal school day -- flat. One thing led to another, and I found myself doing huge bridal parties, from brides, to moms, flowergirls, to bridesmaids. But with hard work comes results, and because B&W is now a full force, my weekends dedicated to doing hair are literally gone. This doesn't stop me from making my daily dose of hair observation though! If anything, I'm more in tune with what's in, what looks good, and what's different.

Photo: Me doing hair for a wedding (2008); Photography by: Chaz Cruz

Here are some of my favorite hair styles for any evening event, especially a wedding. As you may notice, I've posted lots of modern styles, and looked none elsewhere than a pool of celebrity photos -- they have the best hair styles out there. I find the more natural, loose curls, with volume to be the look many stylists are going for -- purely sophisticated, sexy, and timeless.

Long, medium, short, thick, thin -- find a few hair styles to present to your stylist. Half up/half down, all down, short, all up -- determine your style and preference, keeping in mind your comfort throughout the day/night. Bring a photo of your dress and describe the formality, colors, time of day. A proficient stylist will be able to absorb the info and give an honest opinion on what style will flatter you. Sometimes, the hair style doesn't end up exactly like the photo -- no need to worry, remember that your hair is probably a different thickness from the person in the photo AND many celebrities and models use hair extensions.

Photo: Carrie Underwood showing off her half up/half down looks

Photo: very romantic 1940s style finger waves on short hair

Photo: Kim Kardashian has the "all down" hair style on lock

Photo: Katherine Heigl and Tyra Banks sporting an elegant do

Photo: Classic pulled back hair do with a side swept and layered bun

Photo: half up half down

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