Friday, November 13, 2009

glamorous Pronovias wedding gowns with sleeves

Pronovias (Barcelona) has proven to be one of the most well-recognized brands in the wedding gown industry. From magazines, to bill boards, to wedding articles, and the online wedding network, Pronovias is a couture brand that makes its presence in almost every bridal salon in the United States. From extravagant beading, to delicate ruching, lots of floral accents, array of fabrics, and use of multiple layers, Pronovias has been the answer to many brides searching for a glamorous gown. What I have fallen in love with is the fact that Pronovias' 2010 collection, which features the elite group of designers Manuel Mota, Pronovias, Valentino Sposa, and Elie Saab, features a broad range of gowns with sleeves -- cap sleeves, quarter sleeves, three-quarter sleeves -- and even full necklines, like bateau, sabrina, portrait, jewel, and queen anne.* While I am a fan of the strapless gown, which is probably the most popular style of them all, the sleeved gown can still be a downright sexy and sophisticated piece -- and it doesn't necessarily mean it's for the conservative bride. Take a peek at some of my favorite Pronovias gowns from the fabulous 2010 collection. And yes, I LOVE lace.

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  1. Hear hear! Metis is my wedding gown and I'm totally in love with it! I think Spanish bridal fashion designers are one top above everybody else (forget that Valentino is Italian and Saab actually Lebanese, many other excellent stylists are Spanish).

  2. Hi, Rosanna! Metis is my favorite one!..i love Spanish bridal gown designers...they love lace and dainty fabrics and are great at keeping the dress truly feminine and delicate. Very sweet!...Charmae

  3. I love these gowns, but cannot afford them. Does anyone have one that they are willing to sell second-hand? Or does anyone know of any good knock-offs?

  4. Hi, Anonymous!

    Thanks for the comment. I found a few links to pre-owned designer wedding gowns.


    Let me know if these help at all.

    Charmae {for B&W}

  5. About how much do these dresses run? How much did you pay for the Metis?

  6. Hi Anonymous

    not sure where you are based but im in London and selling an Odin

    Full costs with alterations £1380, i'm asking for £850 or best offer

    Professionally dry cleaned & stored since Oct 09. It was worn once [carefully] but there are a few light stains on the bottom of the dress but in places no-one will ever see.

    I'm 5 ft 7 and I wore 1 inch heels.

    download photos of the dress

  7. Hi there does any one know what kind of lace the metis dress is made of realy want to buy it for my big day but dont want it if the lace is not of good quality. Please can someone help me.