Tuesday, November 3, 2009

rockin' the one-shoulder dress at a wedding

Though people mistake the one-shoulder dress as being a trend, it has been around for centuries; one of the most infamous pieces of art donning the fashion style is the 190 B.C. statue of Nike of Samothrace. Throughout time, designers, fashionistas, and entertainers have kept its popularity afloat. Grace Kelly, seen below, graciously models a ruched one-shoulder draped dress. Surprisingly, the one-shoulder dress has never "come and gone," actually, it has always been an option for bridesmaids and brides on the hunt for the perfect gowns -- recently, I've noticed a growing popularity for the one-shoulder dress, even seeing guests rock the iconic style! So take a peek at some of my finds and don't be afraid to consider it -- add appliqué, adorn it with a fancy belt or choose a printed fabric.

Above: Grace Kelly models a one-shoulder gown; Photo source: DestinysBride.com

Photo source: (top L–R): L) NewportNews.com, M) LelaRose via intheircloset.com, R) Charles Chang via mediaonsugar.com; (bottom L–R): L) La Femme via PromDress2009.com, M) Karen Miller via Asos.com, R) via altamodabridal.com

This post is more so, directed to bridesmaid gowns. The trick to choosing a one-shoulder dress for a formal affair, like a wedding, is to select a one-shoulder dress that isn't too form fitting nor too short. Chiffon fabric always makes a sophisticated statement, and pull your hair up or back to bare your beautiful neck/shoulder line.

Photo source: Terani Couture via CarrazGowns.com

Photo source: L) Mango via thestylespa.com; R) Topshop via Florasbox.com


  1. Great post. I'm glad you liked that dress as much as we did. We have seen one shoulder gowns trending in more and more since being seen on runways and at awards shows, but like you pointed out, its been around a long time. In and out of trend but never out of style. Keep up the great blog!

  2. I really love the wedding gowns that you have posted on here. They are spectacular!

  3. Could someone tell me where that purple one said to be from "Newport News" is located?? I've checked that site and I can't find it ANYWHERE! Help would be much appreciated!

  4. Please help us fine the newport news dress ???? I cant find it aswell. Thank you