Monday, November 30, 2009

winter wedding inspiration

It's starting to get cold here in Southern California...yes, just starting. But it's the time to get a chance to experience a winter wedding escapade. Here are some winter wedding inspiration photos. Pay lots of attention to your flowers and décor -- this will create your winter wonderland ambiance and incorporate low, cool lighting, of course!

Photo sources: One Reputation, ReceptionWedding, Pink Cake Box, The Knot, Forever Photography, Martha Stewart

I love this photo of the couple's first dance. String lighting can create the tone -- just make sure it's used at the right type of wedding and of course, at the right location within the venue.

Photo sources: B Wedding Magazine, Michele Waite Photography, Meredith, Brown Turtle Neck Sweater

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  1. I'm loving the winter theme and I love the first picture up there, it's so dreamy!