Thursday, December 3, 2009

wedding forecast by JM :: something borrowed

"Something Borrowed: Adorn Brides"
Celebrities’ red carpet looks just wouldn’t be complete without the posh jewelry loaned to them. We see it graced on the pages of pop culture magazines, and we often hear a variation to the following phrase, “I’m wearing an Elie Saab gown, Christian Louboutin heels, and Neil Lane jewels,” during quick interviews.

Although the red carpet may be completely different from a wedding, both share one very important aspect…all eyes are on you. So why not partake in the same jewelry rental practice? As the bride, you deserve to look breathtaking in the thousands of photographs that will be taken that day.

Fortunately, Adorn Brides makes that all possible. Brides can now lease fine jewelry worth thousands of dollars for only a few hundred. Imagine, you can rock a $25,000 jewelry set for $700! And if you want real diamonds, they have earrings to lease for as low as $100. The process consists of four easy steps listed on their website:

  1. Go shopping and pick out the pieces you love and add them to your “shopping bag”. Check their availability by entering your event date.
  2. Check out using a credit card to order the jewelry for your event date.
  3. Look amazing wearing the jewelry on your wedding day.
  4. Send it back on the first business day after your event using packaging and the pre-paid label Adorn provides you.

This new concept surely adds a new definition to “Something Borrowed.”

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