Wednesday, January 13, 2010

BRIDES q+a: the groom's cake

Contemplating on ordering a groom's cake? I found this interesting snippet in the Q+A section ("Etiquette Police") in the Feb '10 issue of BRIDES magazine (p. 156).

Q: What's the deal with the groom's cake? Do we need one?
A: Traditionally, the groom's cake was a fruitcake that was cut into small pieces and boxed for guests to take home. Single women put it under their pillows that night in hopes of dreaming about their future husbands. Today, this cake is optional and as varied as the guys themselves: We've seen simple creations in the groom's favorite flavor, as well as wackier cakes inspired by his interests (footballs, guitars, NASCAR). And it's eaten at the reception, not squashed under a pillow.
Just when I thought the groom's cake was something of last five years, I learn that it has actually been around for some time! But fruitcake? Under the pillow? To dream about their future husbands?

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Look at the cakes some grooms are luckily to get these days! Pink Cake Box is one of my favorite places to see amazing pastry art.

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