Thursday, January 7, 2010

ruffle up with wai ching's style

I'm so fortunate to have Janissa, my go-to gal when it comes to trends and forecasting. When I opened up her post about Chrissy Wai Ching, I also found myself intensely gawking at Chrissy's gowns. I love texture and variations in material, and I love color. Janissa's post inspired me to explore how one could incorporate the dress' design/texture into the rest of the reception vision. From linens, to confections, to ring pillows and flowers, styling is all about complementing well and visual balance.

Don't be afraid to go beyond your color scheme or elements from your invitation when designing your cake. Try incorporating textures from your wedding gown, jewelry, printed table linen, or even your actual flowers! You don't have to match your layers exactly (well, maybe the cake artist can do that), but find textures that complement your dress' design. Key word is complement. Oh, and one more important thing: ask a professional (B&W!) about where and how to incorporate these details; we know what's too little and what's too much -- straight from the eyes of designers.

Check this photo out -- a total "Wai-Ching" stylized cake! I love the ruffles and the various tones of neutral.

Photo source:

Sweeten up your cake display with ruffled cake bases.

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A great and very cost effective flower: the carnation -- built with tons of texture and a variety of colors. The gathered layers of the petals create the ruffled look.

Photo source: Eddie Ross

I adore these pillows. Two different prints and textures make it visually appealing. And the ruffles are subtle.

Photo source: Ashley Ann Photography

Try not to skip out on linen. They make a HUGE statement. Tone down the florals and choose some fabulous linen. It makes all the difference. I love this ruffled underlay. Or you can see if your linen company can manually "ruche" or gather the material with pins.

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Eddie Ross displays a pretty neat and simple carnation centerpiece. This is a great way to tie in the ruffled texture, and it's not too overwhelming.

Photo source: Eddie Ross

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