Friday, January 22, 2010

wedding forecast by JM :: ANdAZ San Diego

"Ivy to ANdAZ"
From the Maryland, to Ivy, and now Andaz (ahn-dahz). On February 1st, Ivy Hotel will become Andaz San Diego. Andaz, Hyatt’s new luxury boutique brand debuted in 2007 and currently has three hotels under its umbrella. With locations in London, West Hollywood, and Wall Street, this brand continues to grow as hotels in San Diego, 5th Avenue and Austin are on their way.

Hyatt Corporation will manage the property under an agreement with Kelly Capital, Ivy’s owner. No need to be alarmed as Ivy Hotel will remain Ivy in the essence. Slight renovations and minor changes will be made to the property but only to enhance the elite service and experience that are signature to Ivy.

Global in scale while local in perspective, ANdAZ delivers an innovative hospitality experience blending personal preferences with attentive and uncomplicated service. The unique collection of hotels reflects the personality of each locale, and is dedicated to creating natural and vibrant living space where travelers can indulge in their own personal sense of comfort and style.
The property’s swanky adult playground has created quite a name for itself and has secured its place on the list of hot spots in San Diego. Ivy will always be associated with the nightlife scene which is why the name will stick around even with the rolling out of Andaz San Diego. The venues will now be referred to as: Ivy Rooftop, Ivy Ultra Lounge & Wine Bar and Ivy Nightclub (formerly Envy).

The transition promises to be smooth and since I am in the middle of it all, you will definitely be kept in the loop ;-).

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