Wednesday, February 10, 2010

stunning calligraphy by e.danae

While stationery etiquette argues the adhesive labels are a no-no when it comes to labeling the outer envelope, I agree and disagree. B&W designs many labels, from graphically interesting adhesive labels, to wraparounds, to tagged labels. And I suppose it comes down to execution and intent, once again. But more recently, our invitation clients have been inclined to hand writing their guest addresses, a purely personal touch to the ensemble. Find a friend or relative who has superb penmanship and label away!

E.Danae, a profound calligraphy artist, who is also found on Etsy, brings the invitation to life by her luxurious technique. Hopefully, we will have the honor of having such beautiful work inscribed on one of our custom invitation jobs. There's nothing better than hand-created typography.

Photo source: CalligraphyByEDanae

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