Tuesday, March 9, 2010

2010 academy awards :: setup, dresses, tuxes, and wins

Got a chance to actually sit and watch the entire Academy Awards this year! I was completely entertained by the opening act, which embodied a true Hollywood escapade, filled with feathers, a glittery stage, cool + pale swatch palette, and the tons of Swarovski crystals that embellished the frame of the stage. I couldn't help but wonder how many of the stringed crystals they used!

Prefaced by the infamous walk down the red carpet, I scanned the actors, male and female to witness beautiful gowns, clutches, jewelry, and tuxes. These are my favorites:

Photo source: TheExaminer.com

This highly anticipated event marked its 82nd year since inception and took place in Hollywood at the Kodak Theatre. Several days before, while in line to attend a live taping of the Jimmy Kimmel show, I got a chance to see the hundreds of crew members fine tuning the installations of the exterior, making sure the actors were going to be protected from Southern California's rainy forecast for Sunday.

I watched out for two things in particular: designer gowns and the movie "Up." Some of you may already know that Cyril and Christy, two of our talented coordinators, are cousins with the Production Designer of "Up" -- Mr. Ricky Nierva, an artist who not only grew up in our neighborhood and carved his path working for some of the best animation companies out there, but a person I've always been inspired by. Congratulations, team Pixar/Disney for your accolades!

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