Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"the hat" by edgardo bonilla

I was rummaging through the net to find some ideas for hair accessories -- (there I go again, figuring out my next design challenge!) -- and I spotted this black and white, what seemed to be retro, fashion photo. From the gorgeously beaded sleeveless dress to the patterned lapel of the man's suit, the stylist successfully managed to mix and match a few fashion eras. But the most obvious of them all is the huge hair piece that screamed out at me.

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With a few clicks, I learned it was created by Edgardo Bonilla, a name I was so lucky to encounter. Edgardo happens to have a talent for making outrageous hats, but even more intriguing is that coincidently, he's a bridal gown designer! From asymmetrical lines to modern angles, confidence in textured fabrics and touches of classic styles of his line of ever-so amazing bridal gowns, he takes couture to the next level. I love his style and eye for design.

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Edgardo Bonilla, who started out as a window dresser in Puerto Rico,* andnow sells his collections at premier bridal salons -- Saks Fifth, Mon Amie, and Kleinfeld, to name several.

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