Friday, March 12, 2010

vintage+modern+apple green cake concept

Another cake concept/illustration by B&W. We never fail to forget this important detail -- the cake. This is one of the highlights at your reception and a perfect place to incorporate the theme and style of your creative vision. For Erica+Dave, we illustrated this cupcake tower concept based on some art direction from the bride. We didn't know exactly how many tiers we were dealing with, and whether or not the tandem bike would fit height wise, but the finished product turned out to be a close match and simply adorable! We also ditched the ribbon idea since the cupcakes moved around more than we had expected. Great job, Jay's Catering on the cupcakes and cake topper!

Illustration above:

Photo above:


  1. Ooo...I love the tandem bike theme!

  2. This is wonderful. Love the colours, it looks so fresh. And I adore the little bike, I looked for one of those a while ago but couldn't find any. Where would you get a miniature bike like this? many thanks, Petra.