Monday, March 1, 2010

wedding forecast by JM :: chanel spring 2010 haute couture fashion show

"Chanel Spring 2010 Haute Couture Fashion Show"

So what does a Chanel bride and groom look like? Well, feast your eyes on this Karl Lagerfeld creation.

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“The collection exemplifies a luxury that glorifies light, capturing it in sequins, crystals, embroideries, silver thread and ethereal volumes. Capes in lace and crystal, cloud-shaped dresses in sugary colors, and dazzling lames always display the elegant humor that Chanel is known for.” –
Surprisingly enough, the collection did not contain a single trace of the Chanel signature color…black. Instead, the pieces of art that made their way across the catwalk donned soft, pastel colors and detailing reminiscent of 18th century royalty a la Marie Antoinette. Fused further with Greek goddess lines and metallic touches to teleport you to the future.

Photo source: (FWD) fashion wire daily
With this analysis, I encourage you to approach your special event like that of a Greek god and give yourself to creative pursuits versus the more disciplined Roman gods. The end result will distinguish your event from the rest. With B&W at your side, you can be responsible for that unforgettable image instilled in your guests’ dreamy head.

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