Friday, April 2, 2010

feast your eyes on Aruna Seth's bridal wedges

So, the thought of wearing four inch stiletto heels for the wedding gives you the shivers. Well, well. Feast your eyes on these stunning designer bridal wedges by Aruna Seth. Yes, luxury wedges for brides with a fancy for haute and worn by celebrities alike! I prefer wedges over heels, though I will confess, they're a bit more challenging to scout for. Main reason for my preference? A: They're so much easier to walk in since the heel provides a greater surface area. Easy as pie. Peep the Cinderella wedge -- 3,000 Swarovski crystals?! Oh my!

These shoes are made in Italy and are sold worldwide, but only in select boutiques. "Select" meaning, Aruna Seth's shoes are only sold at Boticelli in New York. So get your check books out. These come with a price tag, especially if you purchase via the London-based online store (currency conversion applicable).


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